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Download WinRAR 64Bit

WinRAR 64 Bit

Want to make the most of your 64 bit processing power? Then WinRAR 64 bit is your obvious choice.

With WinRAR 64 bit, you will notice an increase in speed over the 32 bit version, specifically when extracting and compressing large files. It also boasts better multi-core support with added functionality.

WinRAR 64bit is fast, reliable and can work quietly in the background. If you prefer, you can also run it from the command line and it can work with files as big as 8,589 billion gigabytes in size.

You can download WinRAR 64 bit for a free 40 day trial period.

The 64 bit version is only compatible with a 64 bit operating system. Please check you have the correct version before downloading.

winrar 64 bit